bap 밥 = cooked rice, often used interchangeably with food/meal,  sang 상 =table

So bapsang (밥상) + stories = stories told at the (meal) table.

every night when my husband comes home from work, he sits down at our living room table and has dinner.  even if it’s too late for me to eat, i’ll sit with him and we’ll chat about how things went that day. occasionally, we’ll share this conversation over a drink and some snacks.  because our schedules are very different, the time we spend together at the table might be the only time we can talk to each other all day.  so the stories we tell and the things we talk about, while probably insignificant to an outsider looking in, are important to us.  made possible by the special space that is the dinner table, they allow us to grow closer and to understand each other better.


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