korean mom cooking, week 3

I’m back with another round up of my Korean mom cooking challenge.  This week, I really didn’t want to do any cooking. I spent most of Sunday doing…other things, and when my husband came home from his day trip to Atlanta, he was like, “Wait, you didn’t cook yet?” and shook his head and rolled up his sleeves. He helped me knock out this week’s meals with some ingredients he’d bought at H-Mart. God I miss H-Mart.

What I made this week:

♡ green curry
♡ baby bok choy
♡ stir fry medley of yellow squash, onions, and mushrooms
♡ 동그랑땡 (leftover)
♡배추 겉절이 (leftover)

♡ Recipe source♡ 

The recipe for green curry basically involved us emptying the contents of our vegetable drawer into a pot and mixing with chicken and coconut milk and this curry paste. It’s a super-easy dish to prepare, and it is especially useful because you can get so many servings from a single batch. And we just stir fried the vegetables the same way we always do, with lots of garlic and olive oil. I don’t really like yellow squash much–it’s too transparent and floppy when you cook it–but the mushrooms were so good. I don’t remember what they’re called, but we can only get them at H-Mart, and they are so meaty and delicious.

♡ Favorite side dish ♡

This week it was the green curry. It’s so satisfying.  My husband loves the bok choy, but he couldn’t eat it because it got stuck in his braces. Can’t wait till he gets those removed.

♡ Final Thoughts ♡

I didn’t cook much this week…and I found myself not quite eating enough at dinner most nights, and although I didn’t cave, I was tempted to eat poorly because of this. It all circles back to lack of proper planning and preparation.

My husband, on the other hand, really has been eating well and eating most meals at home ever since I started this challenge. It makes me so happy to come home from work and see dirty dishes in the sink.

This week I have plans to make 돼지김치볶음 and 계란말이 and some kind of 파전 and 두부조림.  We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.


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