korean mom cooking, week 2

We have successfully completed week two of my Korean mom cooking challenge and it was fantastic. We started the week at my mother-in-law’s house, where we cooked most of our side dishes together. I hadn’t yet planned the dishes I was going to make, so it was really great to show up and just be thrown into the kitchen, where the dishes had already been determined and all I had to do was follow directions.

What we made this week:

♡ 닭죽
♡ 동그랑땡
♡ 배추 겉절이
♡ 오이무침
♡ baby bok choy

♡ Recipe sources♡ 

The majority of this week’s recipes came straight from the mind of my mother-in-law. She always likes to make 동그랑땡 when we’ve got extra people in the house because although it’s simple enough to make, it’s labor intensive.  Since my brother-in-law came up for the holiday weekend, she took advantage of the extra pair of hands to make this delicious dish. We made the bok choy and 닭죽 when we got home. My husband guided me through the 죽 making, and it turned out to be so delicious, we had to bring a bowl over to my mother-in-law to get her seal of approval.

♡ Favorite side dish ♡

동그랑땡 of course~~ but then, it’s always so delicious.  Impossible not to be yummy when you’ve got all hands on deck  preparing it.  The 오이무침 was a close second. A bit sweet for my taste but very refreshing for the summer.

♡ Additional Thoughts♡ 

Since the dishes were not made by me all by myself, I don’t really have much else to report. My mother-in-law cooks with a limited range of ingredients, using very  little salt or sugar, so the dishes were all healthy–no modifications or substitutions needed this week–and since mom’s cooking is so good, my husband of course loved them.

The 죽 was really simple to make, and tasted amazing. I searched the Internet for some easy recipes, and was on the verge of using all of the leftover rice in our rice cooker, when my husband jumped in and said no no no don’t do it like that you have to start with uncooked rice and offered to teach me. It was his first time making it, but he knew what to do as if he’d done it a thousand times. I don’t think I could say that about any recipe I grew up with. It’s amazing to me that he could be able to whip something up from scratch just like that from memory, without consulting his mom or checking a recipe.  After walking through it together like that, I do feel very confident that I’ll be able to make it myself next time, without a recipe in front of me. And so I’m considering this second week of Korean mom cooking a big win.



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